About Us

About Us

Posted by AIDS Network

The AIDS Network began as a small group of committed service providers discussing a relatively new disease and related care services in the 1980’s. The unified group incorporated in 1991 as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation within the State of New York. Funding has been received since 1990 from the New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute through Title II of the Ryan White CARE Act legislation; and through private donations.

The AIDS Network is here to help our community respond to AIDS and HIV infection. We do this not by providing service ourselves, but by coordinating and communicating with those who do. On our Board of Directors and working committees are persons infected with HIV/AIDS, the loved ones and caregivers who are affected by this disease, representatives of  state and  local governments, business partners and interested community members. Through this critical exchange of information our community learns about emerging needs, plans the resources to meet them and mutually supports our constituents.

Our mission is to actively develop, promote and advocate a community based coordinated response to HIV/AIDS through a partnership of all people dedicated to HIV/AIDS issues. Our vision is to be a Network of representative membership and informed leaders who will prioritize regional needs, work at raising community awareness and collaborate to acquire resources to meet the the needs of our community in response to HIV/AIDS.

Membership in the AIDS Network is open to any interested individual or agency. Your membership in the Network and participation on the committees, Board of Directors, county task forces, workgroups, and collaborations is vital if we intend on addressing HIV/AIDS effectively and realistically. We are here to hear you, and we can be your voice. In the struggle against HIV/AIDS, no one should feel alone. The AIDS Network is our community’s way of including everyone.